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Why do you ask for a 3-5 year agreement? 

If you refer to the detailed benefits section of the website  it explains in detail of the services provided but as an overview we plan to do works on the property to improve the standard. If we were to invest £5000-£10,000 into a property we'd like to ensure we could make our money back over the 3-5-year term. This is also why we prefer not to pay a deposit because we could effectively pay 6 months’ worth of rent in our investment into the property. For landlords looking for 1-year contracts we simply would reduce the amount that we invest into the property however what we've found is that most landlords are more than happy to cover the costs of any works done in this situation. We are not a churn and burn business we prefer to be in this for the long run with the agents and landlords however we are fluid and flexible so can negotiate on each individual case.

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